We grow many types of plants but not always in large quantities. It definitely keeps life interesting keeping track of them all!

In the last few years we have worked hard to increase our availability of containerized Northwest native perennials. While this of type of plant is not always easy to grow in a container some of the results can be spectacular.

Our catalog lists all the plants we normally sell but because of limited quantities, not all of them will be available at one time.

So please give us a call or email to check on our current availability. We can fax or email one to you if you wish.
Sources for native plants can be controversial and we buy our bare root plants and native seed from reputable growers who inform us as to where the material comes from. If anything is collected from the 'wild' our suppliers have the proper permits as do we.

If you have any questions about our plants we are very honest about the quality and condition of them. We would be more than happy to email a photo if you need a closer look. We want you to be happy with our plants.

Thanks for visiting our website! Come and visit again as we will be adding more information as time goes on.

Rob Karp

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